Friday 04/20/18 Update!

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Greetings to all of you lovely folks who are taking the time to read what is new at Redleg Tactical. In this post we will cover the results for Red's Rifle Giveaway, Operator Coffee, Holsters and more! Thank you for choosing Redleg Tactical!

Last week this time (Friday, April 13th) we concluded the Red's Rifle Giveaway. While the drawing was informal (in grandiose Redleg fashion) we had a great time! Thanks to all of our Facebook Live viewers! The winner was Dustin B. and he stopped by promptly at opening the next morning to claim his prize. We are so grateful that many of you donated far beyond what we had hoped. Your generosity to Red and her family was inspiring and humbling. A huge thanks all of the folks that made that rifle possible Manticore Arms, Faxon Firearms, Taylor Firearms, and Springs Armory

Earlier this week we had our first order of Operator Coffee arrive! We had heard about these guys back during Shot Show and just had to give them a try. We are currently trying a sample pack that they offer. We all love the Breacher Blend. Brad mentioned that other dark roasted coffees tend to have a lasting bitter taste where the Breacher Blend has a slightly sweet note that is pleasantly unique. Nick's favorite thus far is the Roast 22. He mentioned that Roast 22 is very smooth and has a fantastic aroma. Yeah, we are proud to offer Operator Coffee. You will love it. My only regret is that we don't have an espresso machine. You know a latte would taste wonderful with that 1 Minute Out espresso. 

During the first week of April we decided to do a little redecorating. Our firearms classes have grown to the point where we needed to dedicate more classroom space. I am proud that we are now able to comfortably accommodate more classroom students. I love teaching and am even preparing for a Introduction to Concealed Carry class tonight. If you haven't taken a class with us yet, please do! I would be delighted to have you in class!

Brad has been working his way through the large queue of Cerakote orders. While heating up the oven yesterday, he mentioned an idea he was working on using some of the new paints that just arrived. Brad is a perfectionist and is constantly going about his art with tedious precision. When he isn't totally engrossed in his work it is always fun to listen to him get excited about new projects. Brad has also decided to be like me and try his hand at a blog post. He is working on a post detailing the Cerakote process from start to finish. I am sure you'll enjoy it! Look for that post around mid May. 

At the beginning of April Redleg Tactical fulfilled a massive holster order for a nearby company. The order was so large that the Redleg crew had to work many late nights and come in on days off to see that order finished. During that time we also had a healthy amount of custom holster orders from wonderful folks like yourself. While the queue, or "lead time," for holsters is something we want to keep as short as possible the variety of custom holsters inevitably slows down our process. All of our holsters are handmade here in the shop. Our number one priority with our holsters is to ensure you have a safe, reliable hostler that will serve you even in the most dire of circumstances. Thank you for your understand and patience. The good news is that we are catching up since that huge order and the lead times are starting to come down.

Finally, the blogs! Yeah! This! Beyond these blogs, I began writing FAQs pages at the beginning of April to better assist our fantastic customers. For a long time our website was intentionally inadequate. You see, Joe and the crew enjoy talking face to face. When you're in the shop they are able to demonstrate and explain things in a way that websites simply cannot do. Even talking on the phone has glaring limitations to how one can convey information. Our blogs and website overhaul will certainly not attempt to be something it cannot be, but hopefully our content on these blogs will better help you. That is ultimately what we want. We want to give you all the tools you need to safely and responsibly operate your firearms with speed, proficiency, and style!

Thank you so much for choosing Redleg Tactical. If you actually managed reading this whole thing I am extremely impressed. My writing isn't the best, I know. Since you were steadfast and persevered to this point I have a gift for you. Yep. Ready? Use coupon code icantbelieveireadthewholething to get 15% off of your next order. This coupon won't be around for long!!! Please take advantage of it and thank you again for your support!


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