Update 5/13/18

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Happy Mother's Day and greetings to all you lovely folks!

We've had lots of great things going on around the shop you might be interested in. In this update we'll talk about Operator Coffee, Lead times, Training, Cerakote, and more! 

Many of you have enjoyed Operator Coffee. It is a hit out-of-the-park! Better than any coffee we have ever carried. Everyone has loved Operator Coffee so much so that we're almost completely sold out ahead of our next shipment arriving! If you haven't tried Operator Coffee yet, get it while you can! I'm sure the Roast 22 and Breacher Blends will be gone nearly as fast as we get them in! We will definitely have to upping those shipments to a larger amount!

Holster lead times are plummeting! Sure, we are still advertising around a three week lead time but expect that number to be much lower by the end of next week! Many of the most popular IWB holsters are in stock, too! We always love getting the products you need into your hands as soon as we can and we're delighted get those lead times down. We still offer a rush option if you have to have something fast. Still, we are working hard at making those holster lead times better than they have been!

The Battle Belts lead times have been doing great too ever since we received our large shipment of Cobra Buckles. Most orders are being fulfilled in just over two weeks from order placement. Materials are always our biggest hindrance to getting those belts out fast. Again, we do offer a rush option if you have to have it fast.

Cerakoting has been backed up slightly. Not terribly, but Brad has had some interesting jobs from the soon-to-be-raffled custom Glock 19 to fishing reels. Cerakoting is a far more detailed process that takes a lot of effort to get just right. We go to great lengths to get the finish just right!

Training is about to kick into full gear! This Summer is packed with lots of classes. We have brought back our seasonal Single-Day Concealed Carry class. We've also introduced a new Carbine class for those who want instruction on how to run those rifles right! We would love to see you in class. It is always a good time and we love seeing students progress fast!

Father's Day is just around the corner. We're working on Father's Day Packages for the lovely folks out there who would like to get the man in their lives' something special. Look for those specials to start around the first of June.

If you read this whole thing, well, you know the drill! Here is a coupon code for 15% off your next order!


Seriously, we love you all and are proud to be your local tactical outfitter. Thanks again!


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