Update 6/9/18!!!

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Welcome to the update blog! We have lots to cover for all you wonderful folks. The Summer heat is upon us! Welcome to June! Hopefully, you are all out plinking, competing, and carrying concealed. We love this time of year! There is so much to do, especially in the shooting sports. In this article we'll cover whats going on in the shop, on the range, and the website! Here we go!

In the Shop

We are cleaning up! We're giving our store front a much needed facelift. It is a work-in-progress but thanks to Ro and Nick our classroom space is so much nicer and the curtains we're installing thanks to Brad will create a more comfortable environment for class. We are just getting started, but we're excited to share that with you! Also in the shop, Nick has been working on additional holster designs, stay tuned... you’ll love them!  

On the Range

Our classes are becoming more and more refined with your input! Our goal is to provide the best life-saving training at the most affordable price. Thank you to all of our students who have given us feedback. Thanks to your feedback we're pleased to announce that we will soon host a medical class, Civilian Medic One, brought to you by our dear friends with the Firearms Radio Network. We'll have more details soon! 

On the Website

Since April Ron has been working to make our website easier to navigate and constantly up-to-date. Our holster navigation has gone through a massive overhaul this week. I hope you'll find it easier to use, especially if you want to add any Holster Upgrades to your order. If you have made it this far you deserve a reward. Code: ronismyhero will get you 10% off your entire order from now until the end of the month. 

Thanks for reading and thank you for choosing Redleg Tactical!


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