Five Ways to Continue Education... On a Budget

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Many times I have witnessed students achieve their goal of being issued a concealed carry permit only to stop training and never take another class. There are even those who have only shot their firearm once or twice and somehow suppose that that is enough training for them. Instructors and competitors, among others, are always baffled by that mindset. 

Why would any skill rarely used be effective in the mere seconds of a life and death scenario? Why would a murderous threat cordially announce themselves prior to launching their lethal ambush? Is it the lack of understanding threats that prevent gun owners from seeking training? Are the firearms simply hobby related items in the eyes of these persons? There are many questions we posed in an attempt to identify the flippancy of that mindset. If you are one of those who rarely or has never trained with your firearm, allow me to assist!

Before I begin, please don't misunderstand, the Second Amendment does not require you train. Nope. Firearms ownership is your Constitutional right! But what about responsibility? After all, we do not carry because the risk is great! We carry because the stakes are great. 

Training can be expensive! Still, I am a huge advocate of pursuing more training than gear. What good is it to have the tools but not the split-second-skill to wield them effectively? You don't know what you don't know, so go find someone who can drop a knowledge-bomb on you! 

There are a couple of ways that you can continue your education on a budget. First of all, our Dynamic Proficiency class is designed precisely for that. It is a two hour class with minimal round count that sharpens your skill for $45. The second way you can continue to train is by online resources. While online content is largely good these days, it does not replace an experienced teacher and live-fire exercise.

Another drawback is that online guys don't always get it right  (Voda Consulting's terrible example, yeah don't be that guy).

Here are a few sources that I highly recommend. The beauty of these online resources is that they are free. It only costs you the time to listen. 

  1. Civilian Carry Radio - Baraka and his crew interview various firearms instructors around the nation. The conversations are always fascinating! You'll learn something new on every episode. 
  2. Active Self Protection - John Correia does a phenomenal job at dissecting deadly-force encounters and making them easy for us as civilians to understand. I have spent many hours viewing the videos he has managed to access and am very impressed by his knowledge.
  3. Trigger Words Podcast with Ryan Cleckner - Ryan does a wonder job at explaining firearms law. Now, he'll tell you that he is a firearms attorney but not your attorney. His show is not legal advice, but it is incredibly good information that isn't drenched in the gunshop-Elmer-Fudd-lore we've all unfortunately heard.
  4. The Legal Brief - In the same category as Ryan Cleckner's Trigger Words podcast, Adam Kraut does a great job addressing hot-topic issues "surrounding various areas of gun world."
  5. Hickok45 - I must admit that I am guilty of looking at firearms exclusively through the lens of life-saving defensive applications. Let's face it, shooting is fun. Hickok45 has been "smoking pot" for so long that he is arguably the first person people go to when discussing how a particular firearm shoots. You see him demonstrate safe, responsible gun handling and a bit of humor along the way.

Know another good online source for training? Leave a comment and tell us who you listen to or how you train. If you read this whole thing, here is a gift for you: take 10% off your next training purchase by using code "ineed10offtraining". Thanks for reading and thank you for choosing Redleg Tactical. 



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