You Don't Know What You Don't Know!

Posted by Ron Carter on

Virtually every occupation in the world requires employees to learn occupationally specific tasks. A person outside of the occupation may be completely oblivious to the challenges and tasks associated with the job. In some cases, persons outside the job may have enough knowledge to mistakenly believe they understand all of the challenges and intricacies of the job.

Take an underwater welder, for example. I happen to be the son of a welder; I know nothing about welding underwater, though. Perhaps because I am familiar with welding I may have more dangerous misconceptions about welding underwater. If I were to attempt it with only my current education, I would probably drown or hurt myself severely!


Similarly, many firearm owners who seek a class for their concealed carry permit fall largely into two groups of thought:

  • Those who know little and have a few misconceptions.
  • Those who know enough to have potentially catastrophic misconceptions.

Please don't misunderstand! There are plenty of students that don't fall into those generalizations. Every student is different and I would never want to assume or stereotype anyone. Still, these two general mindsets are very prevalent in classes.

Our job as firearms instructors is to educate students for that particular job Whether we are introducing students to the world of concealed carry or merely explaining ballistics, we must clear up those misconceptions that student do not realize they have.

You don't know what you don't know. We understand this; many of us have learned the hard way! While experience is the best teacher... it doesn't have to be your own experience! Please, join us for a class. We are delighted to be instructors and perpetual students ourselves!  




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