Mass Murders and Us

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I hate to mention mass murder as a topic of conversation outside of our classroom. In our classes we discuss the criminal mindsets and what our response to a deadly threat should be. On this blog I won't get in to it as much as it is too large a topic to responsibly cover. I am available if you feel the need to discuss such things in depth. Please feel free to email me at 

The salt-in-the-open-wound during these infamous times is the political ball game that furiously kicks off. It has become common place that we as law-abiding responsible firearms owners are demonized and held as some sort of liable party to the heinous perpetrator. For many, those unfounded accusations immediately spur a defensive argument. Trust me, I am very guilty of vehemently defending my rights through those (usually) fruitless debate. I would encourage you to ignore that debate. It isn't worth the frustration. Instead, tell your congressmen and representatives how you feel. Give your support to Second Amendment advocacy groups like Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA.

I really like John Correia from Active Self Protection. I enjoy the way he delivers information. His channel is chalk-full of great insight and advice. Today he released a video in response to a recent school mass murder. This video is long but for those of us who want more than a political platform's 140 character statement, you'll appreciate what he has to say.



None of us at Redleg takes pleasure in the loss of human life. That said, I'm sure you understand that we are unique. We are the type of folks who at a moments notice would viciously defend our families, friends, and those around us. It is not because we enjoy violence that we have a "gung-ho" persona. No, it is the sobering fear of what could happen if we aren't violent enough if the time ever comes. Prudence not paranoia. Sometimes violence is the answer.

Be mindful, aware, and skilled. Life if fragile.


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