Serpa Holsters Are Terrible And If You Disagree You Are Wrong

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We at Redleg Tactical are a salty bunch, there is no denying that. Redleg Tactical is comprised of veterans and industry professionals who have the superpower of spotting a used car salesman 10 miles out in heavy fog. If you have seen our Facebook page, you know very well that we commonly delight in making fun of gimmicks, absurdities and people who defend those absurd gimmicks. Mostly, our humor is merely for laughs but every once in a while we get serious. Pointed. For example, when I say that Serpa Holsters are utterly terrible, I am being absolutely serious. 

My role at Redleg Tactical is teacher/instructor. While I love to use humor in the classroom (especially during what-not-to-do videos) I am not being humorous here. In this post I am going to show you why you should never own (or perhaps throw out) your Serpa holster.

  • First, let's do a simple experiment. Take your dominant hand's index finger (trigger finger) and hold it up straight in front of your face, like you are pointing at the ceiling. Next, roll your finger as if you were pulling the trigger on your favorite firearm. Watch how your finger bends at the joints. You'll notice that the proximal interphalangeal joint (the joint just above your hand's knuckle) is what pivots. 
  • Now, let's do the same experiment, only this time roll your finger as if you were pressing the Serpa Holster's retention release.
  • Finally, let's repeat both, but do it as if you just been surprised by someone scaring you. Imagine that someone jumped out from under a desk and nearly made you jump out of your skin. Try to quickly complete both motions as quickly as you possible can, but in between repetitions try to straighten your trigger finger out all the way, as fast as you can. 

    Your observation of your finger pressing the trigger should look identically to the first few motions of pressing the release of a Serpa holster. That is the main problem. You are making the same dexterous motion to both release the pistol from the holster and fire the pistol. Under duress (life flashing before your eyes) what do you think is most likely to happen? Will your finger magically cease the motion of engaging the serpa release and stretch out fully along the side of the pistol frame? Or will your finger continue on to the trigger well before your muzzle is on the target?

    I'll give you a hint. You'll never get your index finger straightened out if you're going with any sort of speed. It isn't possible. That's why when the idiot Fudd over at Guns & Ammo TV attempted to demonstrate that Serpa holsters are "Perfectly Safe" a couple years ago, he failed miserably and made a meme out of himself.  

    Nevermind the biological tendency to continue the release-button press onto the trigger; why would you want ANYTHING, mechanism or not, inside the trigger guard? For the past several years I have thought that Serpa holsters are utterly stupid because of the many inherent design flaws that are exclusive to these dangerous holsters. 

    Sure, I get it. You might say, well Redleg Tactical makes holsters so they're just crapping on the competition.

    Yeah, sure...

    That's why Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and Homeland Security banned Serpa holsters.

    That's why Los Angeles Police Department banned Serpa holsters.

    That's why The National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service banned them.

    That's why International Defensive Pistol Association banned them from their competitions.

    That's why Larry Vickers banned them from his training courses.

    That's why Travis Haley banned them from his training courses. 

    That's why FPF Training banned them from their training courses.

    That's why Canada's National Range Officer Institute banned them.

    That's why said that Serpa's Suck.

    That's why John Correia said that Serpa Holsters are Hot Garbage

    That's why said never to use them. 

    That's why there are internet threads devoted to banning them.

    That's why TTAG said Serpa's should be discontinued... in 2011.

    That's why Clint Smith ripped one off a student's side and curb stomped it.

    The Worst Instructor on Earth says "There's nothing wrong with Serpa style holsters." 


    Guys, look... its okay... whatever! If you have a Serpa you can just "walk it off."  


     I have never heard of another holster that was suspect in so many negligent discharges. Go to YouTube and search Serpa discharge!


    No, seriously, it is okay... holstering your Serpa won't negligently discharge your firearm! That's "actuality a trigger finger discipline problem."




    Hey, it "works for you," right? Enjoy your holy "church" leg.

    Okay. Here is the bottom line.

    You won't see thousands of meme about Safariland Holsters, Black Rhino Concealment holsters, We the Gimmicks holsters... Hell, leather holsters are hardly made fun of as bad, but nobody makes fun of a holster quite as often as Serpa. If you have a Serpa you have probably fallen into the salesmen/marketing trap. It happens! But if after reading all this and seeing that it isn't just a singular opinion, you continue to use a Serpa amongst the thousands of safer options, I automatically know you're an idiot.

    and... my favorite:


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