Real-Life Threats Are Never What We Imagine They'll Be.

Posted by Ron Carter on

According to the FBI, in 2016 there were 1.25 million violent crimes committed. That year the average person in the United States stood a 1 in 258 chance of being a victim of violent crime. If we use that same average over the course of a lifetime (80 years), the average person stands a 1 in 3 chance of being a victim of a violent crime. Yes, those numbers fluctuate, violent crime as a whole has been on the decline, and location among other factors plays a massive role in the odds of you being a victim. Don't get caught up in the numbers... The numbers in this article only serve as a means of illustrating the point that we are unable pinpoint the type of violent criminal that might attack us. There are simply too many violent persons out there to suppose a particular one will be the threat you face. So, forget about what the attacker will look like, what weapon they will have, what their motivation will be, and any other mental mold you may have subconsciously made.

You see those 1,250,000 violent criminals (in 2016 alone) are not the same. I will speculate that the only thing that is common among these 1.25 million violent criminals is that none of them would call you up and politely RSVP the date, and time, and method by which they will attempt to end your life.

We must dispel any foolish presuppositions and be prepared to encounter a wide variety of life-ending evil. Perhaps we have allowed our incorrect presuppositions to influence our gear, our training, and our mindset. I witnessed this recently when a writer mentioned only carrying his handgun off-body and furthermore never carrying with a round in the chamber! Interestingly, those methods aren't uncommon. Lot's of people do it apparently, but, it is foolish. You see, those persons are not accounting for any limitations. They've told themselves "I'll have time to run to my car" or "I'll have time to rack the slide" "I'll have time to..." In multiple cases people have died thinking those same thoughts (See the Tueller Drill for more information). Think about it! If your survival depends only a few mere advantages, any disadvantage is utterly ridiculous.  

Preparation for the unknown starts with the Hierarchy of Threat Management. Avoid, Evade, Counter. Dave Spaulding for educate me on this and I encourage you to read his book. Vigilance, I would argue, is half of the battle.

Let's say we've been unsuccessful at avoiding and evading and now it is time to counter. How do we do that in the real world? How do we do that in the real world with our handgun? That's where Redleg Tactical's firearms training begins!

Before we go knee deep in training you need to consciously forget what you think you know about these threats. They aren't like us. They don't have remorse like us. They are capable of violence that would make us vomit. That is treat we should be preparing for. That is the threat our training must be designed for or else we are just making ourselves ignorantly comfortable, lost in a sea of negligent presuppositions. 

I'll leave you with this video. It is graphic. It is real life and unfortunately this suspect loses his life. In this video Richmond Virginia PD officer deploys a taser on an encroaching threat with zero effect. Any normal human (not under the influence of this zombie-drug) would have been instantaneously incapacitated. The suspect wasn't. Be prepared. Understand your limitations not only of your gear and proficiency but the limitations of your knowledge. There is evil in this world that might attempt to end your life and it probably isn't what you imagine it to be. I know this officer didn't wake up and think that a naked man might attempt to kill him that day.


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