What Firearm is Best to Defend Yourself With?

Posted by Ron Carter on

Every few weeks, it seems, I am asked which firearm is the best for defense. Whether it is a group of gun guys trying to poke fun at one another or a single mom that needs protection, the answer is always the same. It is the firearm you can deploy the fastest and reliably operate.

The vast majority of deadly-force encounters are over in seconds. Almost all murderous criminals are going to launch there attack from an ambush. I have never heard of a murderer who gives courtesy calls and request what time is best to attempt to take your life. No, as the defender, we are almost always being thrust into these deadly scenarios without warning. The preparations you make today will determine your success or failure if you are ever put into that horrifying life-or-death snapshot of time.

While there are firearms out there that are far more reliable and advantageous than others, the firearm that you can weld with proficiency is what you ultimately need. Honestly, the only way to obtain that proficiency is with practice. Practice is a funny thing, as well. Yes, one can practice how to throw a football, but if you want to throw a football better than the other guys you need a trainer... a teacher... to refine the skills you have so you can be better than the rest.

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