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Roughly 120 years ago Theodore Roosevelt, while serving as President of the Board of Commissioners for the NYPD, standardized the service pistols NYPD were using. In the past 30 years, law enforcement saw the standardization of polymer-framed pistols, and in the last 5 years we've seen the standardization of 9mm. Similarly our training standards and techniques have evolved, and while we are not law enforcement, we have benefitted from their experience.

Handgun manipulation training has similarly begun a standardization largely thanks to Jeff Cooper's work in the fifties and sixties. Colonel Cooper's techniques were perhaps one of the first training philosophies to became something of a standard. Today many of the most prominent firearms instructors teach items derived from Col. Cooper's curriculum. 

At Redleg Tactical, we largely instruct people for a specific mission: the mission of concealed carry. We aren't teaching people to be space shuttle door gunners or Navy Rangers, we're teaching law abiding citizens to safely and effectively carry a handgun (legally) concealed.

In our state, Colorado, there are roughly 389,000 active concealed carry permits. That accounts for about 9% of the population of Colorado. Carrying concealed (commonly abbreviated CCW - Concealed Carried Weapon) often presents several challenges that most people aren't even aware of. Beyond teaching the basic techniques of handgun manipulation, we at Redleg Tactical must go further to help ensure our students understand the challenges of carrying concealed and are proficient in their use of a handgun.

Among the most common things we teach are Colonel Cooper's four rules of firearms safety. Those rules come first, last, and always! Regardless of whether you're getting dressed in the morning or in a massive firefight, those four rules are always preached and practiced. 

Four Rules

Beyond the four rules, our instruction is heavily influenced from instructors that we have taken classes from and instructors we admire. Here are a few instructors that we really look up to:

Travis Hayley (Hayley Strategic)

Clint Smith (Thunder Ranch)

Dave Spaulding (Handgun Combatives)

Massad Ayoob (MAG)

Chris Costa (Costa Ludus

Mike Green (Green Ops)

Tatiana Whitlock (Training in Context

Varg Freeborn (One Life Defense)

Judson Crossland (Silver Mountain Instruction)

Pat Mcnamara (Tmacsinc)

Steve Fisher (Sentinel Concepts)

There are several more names that I could point to as having influenced our instruction, but these are among the most influential for us. If you could take a class from any of those instructors I would highly encourage you to do so. 

The mission of concealed carry is a large one encompassing an infinite number of situations and scenarios. Overall the mission is one of safety and deploying tools that will keep you and yours safe. Teaching that is the mission for those of us with Redleg Tactical Firearms Training. 


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