Cerakote Pistol Frame

Regular price $105.00

Redleg Tactical Cerakoting is the best way to make your firearm your firearm. Cerakote has many benefits such as lubricity and durability, but obviously we can make it look awesome! For FAQs on our cerakote visit our Cerakote FAQs page.

Lead times are variable and subject to the complexity of orders in our queue and is therefore an estimate. Average lead times are 21 business days for most jobs.

Redleg Tactical's lead cerakoter, Brad, recently wrote a Blog Post on the process of cerakoting which is very interesting. 

The prices listed above are meant to provide baseline prices. Actual pricing is subject to the project(s) that our customers are in need of. Redleg Tactical requires a face-to-face consultation for Cerakote orders.