Operator Coffee

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Operator Coffee!!!

Veteran owned, Texas roasted! At Redleg Tactical we love Operator Coffee. You will too!


"Not Your Average Coffee Company

We are exaxctly that....not your average coffee company.  
What makes Operator Coffee different are the three pillars of support and principles in which we were founded on:
Support For:
Veterans - First Responders - Our Community
      Part of our mission is to create a community with local veterans and help establish new bonds and friendships.  Being a veteran owned company, our founders have lost numerous friends to veteran suicide, so we have made it our mission to not only provide the best coffee, but also help give back and build a community for those who need it.  By bringing vets together we can help fight the depression that so easily sets in after separation from the military.


Operator Coffee is also dedicated to helping veterans with donations to selected charities.  A portion of every sale is donated to Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW).  
     Ever heard of a coffee company starting a search & rescue organization?  After Hurricane Harvey rocked our home town of Houston, we took action and founded Operator Air Search & Rescue.  Operator Air Search & Rescue is comprised of highly trained military and law enforcement veterans dedicated to assisting our community in times of need.  A portion of every sale is also donated to OA-SAR for equipment and operating costs."